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"The Beauty of a glass and it's liquid companion"

Meet Amber

I’m here to make wine easy. Let’s have fun, learn and expand our palates one sip at a time. I began my wine journey in 2019. Since then, I have hosted numerous private wine tastings and dabbled in winemaking. I’m here to introduce your palate to unique, handcrafted and quality wines. My belief is that wine is a language that everyone should know the basics of. Knowledge is power - take it from me, wine can put you in rooms you never thought of. So come along and let me guide you through the wonders of wine. Cheers!

Services I Offer

Wine Tastings are curated specially for every individual event. All events will include:

 Wine, of course!
 Glassware

A food pairing list can be curated upon request. (This is for clients who will be serving food during their event and would like to incorporate their menu during the tasting)Customizable requests:

 Charcuterie board
 Wine cocktail- offered as a pre-made addition
 Wine games

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Fun Wine Facts

 Fried chicken and Champagne are an excellent pairing.
 If you enjoy sweet wines, try a semi-sweet/off-dry German Riesling or a Sauvignon Blanc to expand your palate. South African Sauv Blanc's are a fav of mine
 All Champagne is sparkling wine but all sparkling wine is not Champagne.
 Enophobia is the fear of wine. It’s a real thing!
 It’s okay to ask for a sample at a wine restaurant. As long as the wine is sold by the glass. It is called a tasting.

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Interested? Please select a date from the calendar and I will be in touch within 48 hours to discuss the details of your event. Salud!
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